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Defensora del Pueblo (Ombudsman) visits La Palma jail 2013 slamming them over their human rights....

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

the irony of this photo is that the snooker table they are sitting around was donated to the National police in La Palma some three years earlier by Mr Tuffney himself. Who would have thought 3 years later he would be tortured in the very same facility that he donated too. Mr Tuffney donated over $30,000.00 of supplies to the police, including computers, cameras, printers, and more from his charity British American Foundation for Panama.

Pictured below is Mr Tuffney’s employee ( Angel Delgardo), Mr Tuffney & Mr Tuffney’s mother, with the recipient of the pool table chief of Police, Commissioner Gonzales - 2010

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