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Daniel Fábrega - Ambassador of Panamá to the United Kingdom - British Trade

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Embassy of Panama in the United Kingdom 40 Hertford Street, London, W1J 7SH

General Information: T: +44 (0) 207 493 4646 E:

#DanielFábrega is Vice President for Exports for Varelas Hemanos S.A., which is owned in part by the President, Juan Carlos Varela. Daniel is also the current Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

2017 - Why does the UK not protect and lobby for human rights for Brits in Panamá? When you have £4.5 billion on the table, you would not want to upset the Panamanians.

Protect British citizens’ human rights or jeopardise £4.5 billion!

British detainees in #Panamá lodging complaints about torture and ill-treatment is not what the British embassy wants—it hinders their trade team. The British Embassy is obliged and has a duty to carry out only the most basic and minimal amount of investigation, no more than absolutely necessary.

Britain to boost trade with Panamá.

Britain plans to double financing for British companies trading with Panamá, Britain's Embassy in Panama said on Sunday. The UK's Trade Secretary Liam Fox arrived in Panamá to announce the new incentive.

The move is part of Britain's effort to bolster trade around the world as it prepares for Brexit, its withdrawal from the European Union. Financing will double 4.5 billion pounds (5.8 billion US.dollars) for Panama, to aid companies exporting to those countries or buying British goods and services for them.

Panamá is the fastest growing economy in Latin America, with an average annual growth rate of 7 per cent over the past decade. Britain is the fourth largest investor in Panamá, which is considered a gateway to Latin American markets.


$284 million UK takeover of Panama car dealership

The Rodelman Group, an exclusive representative in Panama and Costa Rica of the Suzuki brand, and others. has been acquired by Inchcape, a UK company with the global distribution of multiple car brands, for $284 million.

"Inchcape's portfolio and its presence in Latin America have been considerably reinforced, and I'm excited about the future opportunities presented by this operation, " said Stefan Bomhard, CEO of the group.

The company had already started an expansionist project in South America, with the acquisition of distributors in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.

Suzuki is distributed in Panama by Japanese Motors. Rodelman serves five branches of the brand, three of them in the capital of the country and the other two in La Chorrera and David, Chiriquí. The Panamanian automobile sector contracted by at least, 14% in 2017, and there are whispers of possible sales of other distributors.

Mr Tuffney’s last cry for help falls on deaf ears before the Panamanian Ambassador Daniel Fabrega retires.

PDF file

Nick Tuffney meets Prince Andrew, Head of International trade for the Royal family.

Despite Nick being chained up in the Darien jungle did not stop the British Embassy from closing deals with the Vice President of Panama, 5-Billion-dollar deal on the table, or should we protect our citizen’s human rights first before trade!

Human Rights Vs International Trade Deals

Ambassador Daniel Eduardo Fábrega Venier speaks out about how good Panama is!

British ambassador living the high life with the president Varela of Panama knowing full well of what his country did to Mr Tuffney, Cheers Mr Tuffney.

British ambassador living the high life with the vice president of Panama Isabel de Saint-Malo. Panama human rights would like to know what this ambassador does for a day job. It certainly is nothing to do with human rights, trade, photo ops and selfies come first.

Yes, ambassador that is who you should be working for, and her subjects who pay for your lavish lifestyle and wages. When a queen's subject is tortured and you do nothing in a foreign state, it calls in to doubt about what your actual role is. In every British person's eyes, you are failing Britts abroad and a grave failure in the break down of maladministration.

One wonders how close the ambassador and the president truly are, with friendships like this one can only wonder why the ambassador did not want to raise Mr Tuffney’s human rights case to his best buddy.

The UK, instead of reprimanding Panama for its crimes against humanity, the UK government decides to donate thousands of pounds of surveillance and diving equipment despite knowing the rapporteur on torture finding Panama guilty. Great job Mr Ambassador! Keep flying your Panamanian flag. Shame on you and the government!

#AmbassadorDanielFabrega #PanamáGovernment #NicholasTuffney

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