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Commissioner Miranda defends the permanence of former Cedeño in a temporary police jail

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

This Saturday, October 19, the director of the National Police (PN), Commissioner Jorge Miranda confirmed that the former Alex Cedeno is serving his sentence for facilitating the evasion of people linked with drug cases and for the omission of duties, in a prison of the institution's headquarters in the Ancon sector.

The decision to keep Cedeno in these facilities comes after his relatives request that he be transferred to a more secure centre because his life was in danger.

"There were situations inside the La Joya Prison Center that put the physical former integrity of Cedeno at risk and that is why he is in the facilities completing the sentence that was imposed on him", said the Director of the National Police in the middle of a press conference.

During the conversation with the media by Miranda, the situations in which Cedeno was involved in the prison centre were not described but were considered dangerous and his transfer was made to respect his guarantees.

"In the Penitentiary Center where he was, he was practically mixed with people that he also made available to the authorities and received convictions for some work they were doing and that is a situation that increases the risk of life of the person and there are guarantees that there are that protect in this regard" said Miranda.

Cedeno, former head of the Border Unit of the National Police, was sentenced to 4 years in jail, after cooperating with the authorities, however, he is also investigated for the alleged commission of crimes against public administration and drug-related crimes.

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