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Chepigana, Darién River Crossing... Get the FARC out of here!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Nick’s attacks became relentless especially when it came to his life; FARC gorillas made an attempt to kidnap him from his property in Nueva Parttilla, or was it his ex and her family trying to eliminate him?

When Nick was in the Darién region, he always wore a bullet-proof jacket and a police uniform to disguise his presence whilst tending to his teak plantation.

In sheer desperation to secure the safety of my twin brother and sister in law who were on vacation at the time I arrange to get them out of the jungle as quickly as possible and to cut their vacation short. We drove throughout the night to a little village located on the Rio Tuira arriving early morning.

Arriving at Chepigana at around 5 A.M, found one of my tires had blown, with no spare to replace it. Darién does not support any garages only very primitive Mum & Pup makeshift workshops, I endeavoured to find one that was open, then asked if they could do a quick fix for me by taking the tire off and placing a patch on the inside of the tire, the only tools used were a spanner and gasoline. This video shows how things get done when living in survival mode in the jungle with no garage around.

An hour later we finally arrived at our destination; a muddy slippery bank of the mainland called Rio Ingles, it took another 4 hours to pass the 2 mile stretch of dense jungle in the rainy season, where we finally found a road. We then headed directly for Tocumen Airport and took a jet, bound to Miami to finish off their holiday.

So you all must be wondering where is Darién, and how difficult it is to enter this region which Nick calls home, this video will explain everything.

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