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UK official Boris Johnson meets with President Juan Carlos Varela and the UK Panamanian Ambassador.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

They knew of Mr. Tuffney Ill treatment & torture, but decided to talk about trade & leave the topic on human rights on the back burner for a new government to deal with!

The right honourable Boris Johnson in your meeting with the Ambassador of Panama you were fully aware of his country’s human right violations against one of your subjects. Four years later, this embassy still will not engage in constructive diplomatic dialogue to readdress the wrongs that were done by the Panamanian national police, but we gladly welcome and accept this person into our country.

The state of Panama has been harbouring my British abducted son for 8 years and now has been locked into Panama with a court order, stopping from leaving, ever, and we do nothing!

Right honourable Boris Johnson as the head of the British Foreign Common Wealth Office, why did your embassy staff in Panama not take my requests about human right abuses seriously!

You stand proudly next to Ambassador Daniel Fábrega whilst he, and probably you were fully aware of Panama’s failings by not responding at all to the United Nations Rapporteur on Torture. You stand next to the Panamanian ambassador whilst your staff in Panama were asleep at the helm, your department should have been there to protect its citizens, not neglect its citizens and especially knowing that I was being deported away from my British son for life, leaving him alone with no UK family around him.

Report from Doughy Street Chambers London:

The Special Rapporteur Juan E. Méndez lamented the lack of reply from the Government of Panama to the communication of the Special Rapporteur dated 26 October 2015. He concluded that in the absence of a response, there was sufficient evidence to conclude that the Government of Panama had failed to fulfil its obligations to protect the physical and psychological integrity of Mr. Tuffney while detained.

MP. Right Honourable Boris Johnson and Ambassador Daniel Fabrega

The Rapporteur found that: the Government of Panama has failed to fulfil its obligations to protect the physical and psychological integrity of Mr. Nicholas Tuffney, subjecting him to conditions within the prison that constituted inhuman or degrading treatment, under articles 1 and 16 of the Convention against torture (CAT).”

The Special Rapporteur urged the Government of Panama to publicize the developments on this case, and reiterated its call to the Government to begin the investigation, prosecution, and possible conviction of those guilty of abuse and to provide reparations to Mr. Tuffney.

The prison referred to above, La Joya Prison, was the same prison where Ambassador Arthur Porter was being held before he died from lung cancer in a hospital in Panama in June 2015. The Special Rapporteur concluded in his February 2016 report that the death of Mr. Porter could be linked to the deprivation of health services.

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