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Blow the door off!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Below is the information pack issued the British embassy in Panama when a Brit is arrested?

The British embassy does not take British nationals banged up abroad seriously, neither does American embassy; the last time this information pack was updated was in 2010, they say (This booklet is revised on a regular basis). The embassy portrays Panama prisons in the booklet to be some type of a La Joya resort and spa when they have never set a foot in a prison cell.


The embassy even goes as far as to say how much food will costs, including the price for cooking gas, if bottled gas was available it would not be used for cooking, it would be used to blow the bloody doors off, the only gas that was in building 6 came from the distilleries located in the attic space. If we did have gas bottles we could have converted it into a blow torch, then removed the bars, British and American embassy stop giving out fake news, you should know better!

This is how in touch your UK and USA embassy’s really are when it comes to protecting nationals abroad. Giving correct information is vital part of the embassy duties, especially when you are at your lowest ebb.


When we do blow the bloody doors off send Mini Mi through first, he can squeeze through the bars, and run for freedom


We have found “Osama bin Laden” in building six, he had not been killed by the Americans as they claim. Osama knew he would be safer in the infamous Panamanian prison “La Joya”, he is still held up their to this day, just like Mr Tuffney was.

Mr Tuffney had nobody visit him in building (6), neither the embassy's, and not one person has ever visited building six in an official capacity throughout Mr Tuffney’s stay despite numerous requests.

Sorry to expose you now on this site Osama, they will not come to get you, you are safe in cell A-8, you might want to use the gas bottles to weld your door shut, just in case..

Yet again the British embassy falls short of expectations as British tourists scramble Covid-19 curfew.

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