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Tony Smith protests about the British Embassy’s lack of assistance for UK nationals and complains.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Brief history:

Tony Smith is from the UK, married and has a 13-year-old son, he was in La Joya for over six years and has recently been transferred back to the UK to serve the rest of his sentence, he’s due to be released in early 2019.

Tony was the first to my aide upon arrival in La Joya, he provided me with protection and purchased essential items out of his pocket like A yellow 5-gallon bucket to store my water.

Tony was a good man, took time out to help me whenever I need it; he was also the carer for an elderly prisoner. You can hear Tony’s voice under Jonny Ray Gilbert (Testimonies) Tony was doing a video asking for help for his fellow inmate who was extremely ill.

Tony’s human rights were ignored, Tony requested from the British consulate to visit his sleeping area to show how bad his conditions were. The consulate ignored all requests saying “If we change it for you we will have to change it for everyone, and that’s not possible”.

This meeting that took place with the consulates and was videoed by myself, you can clearly hear where Tony made this request and where Mark Bodden also a UK national requested a visit to show how bad his sleeping area was, only weeks after this meeting Mark fell off his bed, suspended 9 feet in the air and died, the video can be seen on this site.

Tony is requesting that the President’s liquor company issue him with a refund of $200 for his loss of business, being he did not have time to drink or sell his bottle’s of “Ron Abuelo”. Tony’s transfer was orchestrated in the middle of the night and was a total surprise to him.

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