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Ambassador Arthur Porter dies of terminal cancer chained to his hospital bed.....

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

despite numerous requests to President Varela to release Ambassador Porter on human rights grounds, so he could pass away gracefully with his family. Shame on you President Varela, and shame on Panama's good standing in the world.

Left: Nick Tuffney and Ambassador Arthur Porter from inside building 6 on Christmas Eve 2013

A Tribute to Humanitarian: Ambassador Arthur Porter

'He was my brother, Loved more than a lover'

Dr Arthur Porter donated many dollars of his own money in the build-up to Christmas Eve 2013 giving to the less fortunate. Whilst wearing his suit and his signature trademark bow tie, everybody loved this man; he was a superhero in their eyes. This was the last time Arthur ever got to wear his suit; sadly he never made it for his day in court, instead, he ended up in a Panamanian hospital, dressed in a robe, chained to his hospital bed dying alone.

We at Panama Human Rights do not, and will not judge people based on a charge, we are only here to protect and uphold the injustices relating to Human Rights abuses, that said. Everyone, including myself, would like to thank Doctor Arthur Porter for his humanitarian services to the people at building 6. Arthur worked 24/7 relentlessly, unpaid, yet saving many children’s dad’s lives, and asked for nothing in return when inmates became ill and were in their hour of need, and at death's door, Arthur was always there.

In some strange way, this person was meant to be with me in building 6, he was a blessing sent by God, and I think in some way Arthur believed this too, it opened both of our eyes to the humanitarian side within us all and how we could change things for the better without asking for anything in return.

Besides Arthur having serious health and breathing issues himself and was always relying upon a ventilator to control his cancer, he was never the one to stand down from his medical code of ethics when it came to serving the public benefit, and for this, we also salute you and applaud you, sir!

Amal good meeting you at John Jones service at the Temple in London, but what are you doing mixing with the British ambassador, John Jones your partner at Doughty Street would be none to happy as it was his embassy who failed your client Ambassador Arthur Porter and me when it came to standing up for human rights.

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