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2019 - 2024

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hopefully Laurentino Cortizo the new president of Panamá will be sympathetic and understanding towards International human rights. We at Panama Human Rights hold out our hand and offer friendship in hope that a diplomatic solution can be found for the public benefit.

We pass on our best wishes, and hope a new era can now begin!

Nicholas Tuffney

President and CEO

British Ambassador greets the new president of Panama knowing that Mr Tuffney was tortured and ill-treated in Panama. The ambassador’s embassy failed in looking after Mr Tuffney’s welfare, and well-being as the British ombudsman agreed when he upheld the case in November 2019.

Foreign Secretary: Dear Mr Dominic Raab before talking about Venezuelan human rights violations. You should be looking at Panama’s record and sanctioning them.

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