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Inmates from Venezuela protest for human rights

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

​In pure despair Internationals sewed their lips together in protest as they had no voice when it came to basic human rights, by sewing their lips was a statement that they were (Not being heard).

This is how Panama treats its internationals on a regular basis in return Panamá expects respect and to be accepted as a nation of full code compliance and a beacon for the Latin Americas.

We have seen by the Panama papers scandal that Panama is not a country of code compliance but a country full of corruption, deceit and one that intentionally tries to evade it responsibilities for a quick buck and one that should not be trusted.

Many countries have contribute millions of dollars into the Panamanian prison system, the pictures above show that these funds have been skimmed off when it was to benefiting these people incarcerated for who this money was truly intended.

If money was arriving like it should in the millions then why are inmates left without the basic items like : First aid, Ambulance, gurney’s, vehicles to take inmates to court, proper medical facilities with a full complement of competent doctors, Buildings that are certified by a fire marshal, Medical certificate for the building.

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