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2017 La Palma Prison - Darien re-opens after human rights abuses forced it to close

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

We at Panama human rights would like to applaud the President from turning an inhuman prison into something half decent, but certainly more needs to be done when it comes to human rights!

The issue is that people captured in the Darien Jungle are most likely to be drug mules from Columbia.

Panama Human rights has issues with the families who cannot visit loved ones, due to security restrictions in place. Panama only allows Panamanians to visit Darien, for a foreigner to visit it is extremely complicated, and time consuming, which can take weeks, plus a permit can only be applied for when you arrive in Panama City, as Darien is a No Go due to drug trafficking, and the FARC rebels.

The other issue is, going from Panama you have to pass multiple police check points at, Agua Dulce/ Chepo/ Metiti / Purto Quimba, plus pop up check points….. If you show a Columbian passport you will be returned, despite explaining your son or daughter, or husband is being detained in the La Palma Jail.

Being Jailed in Darien is a death sentence. You are likely to lose your family, being unable to have family visits causes a breakdown in the family, ending in divorce, and possible suicide of the inmate, which is a reality!

Dramático testimonio de migrantes ilegales que terminaron presos en Panamá tras sobrevivir la peligrosa zona del Darién

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