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19-year-old boy dies after being electrocuted when cops blasted his building with water in La Joya

Updated: Nov 3, 2019


If a fire marshal or health and safety officer were in attendance at La Joya the day of this poor boy’s death, all the buildings would shut down, and be condemned.

Prison buildings are equivalent to any other public building run by the state, they should all have relevant safety codes in place, with certificates. Police officers firing water cannons into cell blocks knowing fully well cables are exposed and hot wired. We at Panama Human Rights would call the police actions tantamount to manslaughter. Police raid buildings weekly knowing the conditions within inside the cell blocks, they should have known better.

The picture below was taken inside Building Six showing the dangerous wiring. Everything was hot-wired!

A 19-year-old prisoner died, electrocuted at the La Joya prison, where he was provisionally detained for an aggravated robbery case investigation.

The death of the prisoner was reported yesterday, on Thursday, after registering a brawl between rival groups and subsequently a raid initiated in the prison, where weapons, plates, cell phones and other prohibited objects were detected.

Yailí, a relative of the victim, explained that his brother entered the cell and apparently touched a loose electric cable that was wet and received the electric shock that caused his death.

He added that as part of the procedure during the raid, police throw water in the different pavilions.

Relatives of the deceased today expressed their disagreement and anger because they received confirmation of the death during the night when the fatal outcome was recorded in the afternoon the day before.

In the pictures below, Panamanian police who threw gas canisters into a cell that exploded then caught alight to the inmates bedding, six 15 – 17-year-old boys died whilst the police looked on and did nothing.

All prison blocks in La Joya are wired like the picture you see below, this young boy’s death was just waiting to happen and was preventable, sadly the Panamanian state killed this boy and will walk away without being charged with manslaughter, under this new government. The UN Charter on Human Rights clearly says that prisoners should be held in a detention facility that has a safe surrounding.

Below is Building Six’s main electrical supply, above the board are the open bars where police could easily unleash their hose pipes.

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