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$100 Paid to the Director to free an inmate from the torture chamber

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Director of the La Joya penitentiary is just as corrupt as the top cop of the prison. This un-cut video is of an inmate who paid the director “Ronaldo Lopez” to help Mike to get out of the notorious La Joya torture chamber.


The director of La Joyita is dismissed from office

This was reported on August 1 by the Ministry of Government (Mingob) through a statement, which explained that the position of director of the prison "is a charge of free appointment and removal."

Miranda Madrid is one of the six people linked in the case of the escape of the Israeli Shy Dahan, reported on July 15, who faces a process for the crime of fraud and who had been extradited from Spain. The National Police offers a reward of $ 10,000 for the supply of information that leads to the recapture of Dahan.

The Mingob indicated that Miranda Madrid was notified of the dismissal and filed an appeal for reconsideration with the entity.

The decision was made through Personal Decree 201, based on Law 9 of 1994, as amended by the Law of May 23, 2017.


Top cops arrested after Israeli prisoner escapes from La Joya prison!

A National Police (PN) Commissioner, the Director and Sub-Director of the La Joyita Prison and at least three other people have been arrested in connection with the escape of an Israeli prisoner. The Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) and the Police are cooperating with the investigations developed by the Public Ministry (MP).


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